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The Intercall TCP/IP cell call system is a complete solution designed to meet the requirements of the most recent prison service and Home Office specifications. All units feature stainless steel front panels with vandal resistant buttons and non-removable LED indicators. The system is feature packed, flexible, easy to operate and above all a reliable communication system designed to operate in harsh envirnoments.

Working alongside the UK Prison Contruction Unit and Police Force, Intercall have developed the "Intercall TCP/IP Cell Call System" designed to fully comply and exceed with all prison and Home Office NOMS specifications. The system has been installed into many Police stations, Prisons, Secure Units and Young Offenders Institutes, who use and rely on the system 24 hours a day.

The Cell Call System includes historic system event recording, with all system activity logged with the time, date and event. Current specifications request intercom conversations are also recorded along with staff actions recorded using an individual staff token. All cell call plates are constructed from stainless steel. There is a wide range of in cell and corridor reset plates available which can include cell light switching, cell power control, officer emergency call generation and finally either button or token reset. The system is monitored to prevent unauthorised access or tampering as well as being continuously monitored for cable faults, system operation and power failure.

Intercall's Cell Call and Affray Alarm systems are widely used and relied upon throughout the prison and police authorities. Our call systems have an excellent reputation for reliability, our design team constantly seek the best technical solution available to reduce any risk of single point failure. This is why we don't rely on a central pc server to control the whole system, our units operate independently with their own embedded TCP/IP address.

Download the full specification document.

In cell plate

Located within the cell and provides a means of calling for assistance. The unit features a call button with integral night time illumination and re-assurance indicator. The plate is manufactured from brushed stainless steel, with the microphone components protected behind the stainless steel grille. Plate removal is detected using a tamper monitoring circuit and supplied with tamper resistant fixings. This unit is also available with single, twin or triple cell lighting control.

Corridor Reset (6)

Located outside the cell to provide reset function along with clear corridor LED indication of the calling status. This unit provides an isolate function, temporarily disabling the call button, helping control staff manage persistent callers. The isolate condition is recorded within the systems internal memory and is indicated both locally via the green LED and on the systems GUI or LED mimic panel. This condition can be pre programmed to automatically drop out after a set time or remain isolated until staff re enable the call button. The corridor reset is also used as a pegging point to record visits. This unit is also available with single, twin or triple cell lighting control.

IP staff phone

The IP staff phone provides audible and visual indication for all incoming calls from both speech and non speech devices. A call is simply accepted by picking up the receiver. Calls are shown in order of priority and receipt. It is still recommended staff should attend the point of call to perform reset.


The intercall YAAM / GUI shows a customised graphical representation of your building or custody suite, with the cell call and affray data overlaid in real time. The GUI is a direct interface from the cell call system and can either be a passive screen display or interactive using a touch screen pc to reset calls and isolate cells.


Full IP networking capabilities supporting both analogue and digital protocols

System recording

Facility to digitally record intercom conversations

Multi level alarms

Different levels of alarm to distinguish and prioritize the alarm

Token reset

Token resets are available to record staff actions

Audio intercoms

Two way communication between cells and custody desk

Cell call telephony

External telephone calls can be patched through to individual cells

Graphical layouts

Graphical user interfaces provide a structured overview of the system

Affray alarm

Affray calls can be generated from panic strips, mushroom buttons and infra red triggers

Disabled wc alarms

Facility to include compliant DDA toilet alarms on the same cabling

CCTV integration

Ability to fully integrate with security systems CCTV

Fault/tamper monitoring

Continuously monitored for cable/unit faults and unauthorised tamper

Police custody suite sample schematics for cell call & afray alarm