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The Cell Call and Affray Alarm System has been developed specifically as a call system within police custody units as well as Crown Magistrates and County Courts. The system consists of a range of “panic” or “affray” buttons or “strips” which report back to the central LCD displays to sound the alarm and show the calling location where assistance is required.

There are a range of calling devices, triggers and buttons to generate an alarm, all of which can be configured for 5 different levels of status either “Call”, “Assistance”, “Priority”, “Emergency”, “Attack”.

The call system records all historic system events by logging all system activity including date and time into the built in data logger located in the power supply. All units can either be constructed from stainless steel or ABS plastic mount. Plates can be monitored to prevent unauthorised access or tampering and the system is continually monitored for cable faults, system operation and power failure.

A custom graphical software package is also available providing a clear image of the location where assistance is required, allowing staff to provide a speedy response to any call.

LCD Affray display

Provides audible and visual indication of incoming affray calls. The two line backlit LCD identifies the exact location of the incident, level of call and the person involved (when using IR triggers & receivers). Calls are shown in order of priority and receipt. Calls can be reset by either a key switch or button reset. The LCD also reports the systems status for any tampering, cable or power faults. Multiple displays can be used which can be configured into individual zones.

Double push affray button

A simple to operate double push button with integral red reassurance Led, the buttons can be configured for different operation. Each unit is assigned its own text address location during commissioning.

Affray button

A robust, reliable, simple to use call button with an integral red reassurance Led, with a protective shroud to help prevent accidental activation. Each button is assigned its own text address location during commissioning. Units can be programmed to generate different levels of call which include Call, Code Blue, Crash Call, GA (general alarm), Attack, Pegging Point.

Affray strip

Affray strip alert lights


The intercall YAAM / GUI shows a customised graphical representation of your building or custody suite, with the cell call and affray data overlaid in real time. The GUI is a direct interface from the cell call system and can either be a passive screen display or interactive using a touch screen pc to reset calls and isolate cells.

Data logging included as standard

All system events are recorded within the internal memory of the PSU and can be viewed via a web browser

Individual text locations

A fully programmable system that instantly sounds & displays custom text from calling locations

Multipul level alarms

Different levels of alarms to distinguish calls using different sounds and colours

IP integration

Full integration over LAN networks available

Cell call

A complete range of speech and non speech Cell Call equipment is available meeting the latest prison service specifications

Affray alarms

A full range of triggering devices, infra red, radio, panic strips and double push buttons

Interview rooms

Can be combined with panic buttons & room occupied system

Disabled WC alarm

Overdoor lights and pull cords can be added for a DDA compliant solution

CCTV system integration

Can be fully integrated with security systems & CCTV

Fault/tamper monitoring system

Continuously monitored for cable & unit faults & unauthorised tamper

Courtroom sample schematic for cell call & afray alarm